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  • Use caution in removing the bubble wrap that protects the display case during shipping. Do not use cardboard cutters or sharp objects that may scratch the acrylic surface.
  • Do not expose case to direct outside sunlight, extreme heat or excessive moisture as found in small bathrooms or outdoors.
  • Handle display case with care. Acrylic is fragile and can crack or scratch easily. Treat it as you would a fine crystal vase.
  • Do not clean acrylic with any type of window cleaner, or multi-purpose household cleaning solution, as they usually contain ammonia and alcohol and will damage the acrylic surface. To clean, use a plastic polish only. We recommend that you use: Novus 1 Plastic Polish.  This product can be found at most hardware stores.
  • When using pest fumigation of any type, always remove art piece from immediate area. The chemicals have been found to cause fine hairline cracks on the acrylic surface.
  • Use the metal screw(s) provided to hang display case. The acrylic display hook on the back of the case is specifically designed to provide a secure hold on the screw head.
  • Avoid resting the display case on its corners. It is best to rest it on its front or back side.
  • Consider track-lighting to effectively highlight the flourescent brilliance unique to many of the butterfly specimens. Remember that if the case is hot to the touch, it is too hot for the butterflies. As with direct sunlight, strong spot lights are not recommended.
  • Large cases that are transported by air are designed with a small hole on the side, in order to equalize pressure.  Enclosed with your display case is a small circular adhesive nib (plug) which should be placed over the hole as soon as the artwork arrives at its destination.

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